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Castlereigh Jack Russell Terriers has show-quality purebred pedigreed Jack Russell Terriers.

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Energetic Jack Russell Terrier looking up waiting to play

Jack Russell
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We don’t have any puppies available right now, check this section for upcoming litters in the future.

You’ll be able to give a look to our newborns and then choose your puppy. With us, starting the process of owning a Jack Russell Terrier has never been easier!

Keep your eyes open and don’t miss out on what’s coming your way.

About Us

“I have loved this breed from the first moment I saw a young female jumping on everyone at a horse show back in 1989. I fell head over heels in love with this breed, and finally, after searching for months, was able to find a female puppy in 1990. Years later, I found out about joining the JRTCA, and the local club for enthusiasts, the South Coast Jack Russell Terrier Club.

Since then, I have been breeding Jack Russell Terriers, so more people are able to fall in love with them too. They are energetic, fun and strong, changing our clients’ lives for the better.

Jack Russell’s are very intelligent, and often have a mind of their own, which results in their sometimes being stubborn and single minded about what you tell them to do. They have to be worked with and their intelligence taken into consideration often to get the results you want. That is why they aren’t the dog for everyone, because they don’t do things robotically.

Our show quality purebred pedigreed puppies are a perfect fit for a family that can take care of them”.

– Rebecca Quick

Rebecca Quick holding a Jack Russell Terrier puppy in her arms

Jack Russel Terriers

Jack Russell Terrier snuggled up on a blanket sleeping in the co-driver seat of a car

Southern California Jack Russell Terriers

Dogs from Castlereigh are bred to be athletic and agile. We follow the guide lines of the JRTCA regarding "Form to function" as that has always been a successful formula for breeding hunting dogs that can do the work they are put to.

They have plenty of endurance to carry out their missions in life and strength to dig after their quarry.

That’s exactly what we offer: quality purebred pedigreed Jack Russell Terriers.

As a proof of that, here’s a success story of a new owner, a few months after welcoming a Southern California Jack Russell Terrier puppy into her life:

“… MacKenzie has been a marvel at making us smile. She loves the dog park, and seems to be a good ambassador for all dogs. She can get the crankiest dog playing and having fun…”
Christine G.
Happy Customer


Health Guarantee

In Castlereigh Jack Russell Terriers, we guarantee the good health of all of our new puppies. We also ensure that they are purebred, and sent off to a good start!

You can check out our Health Guarantee Contract and see everything we cover:

A proud member of the JRTCA since 1995.

Click at the logo to find out about the requirements and other information provided by the Club on the Jack Russell Terrier breed


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