Southern California Jack Russell Terriers

Dogs from Castlereigh are bred to be athletic and agile. We follow the guide lines of the JRTCA regarding "Form to function" as that has always been a successful formula for breeding hunting dogs that can do the work they are put to.

They have plenty of endurance to carry out their missions in life and strength to dig after their quarry.

That’s exactly what we offer: quality purebred pedigreed Jack Russell Terriers.

Our Southern California Jack Russell Terriers are quality puppies and really good buddies, becoming part of the family for many years to come.

Curious and loving are some of the traits that characterizes them. Their hunting instinct, good balance and disposition set them apart and mark the difference.

As a proof of that, we’d like to share a few success stories of their new owners, a few months after welcoming the Southern California Jack Russell Terrier puppy into their lives:

“Our puppy from Rebecca Quick’s Castlereigh Jack Russell Terriers is a delight. A truly great example of the breed, flawless conformation, but most important, great temperament. From the very start, this puppy was loving and affectionate. Truly thoughtful breeding.”

Joe & Maureen

“Thank you so much Castlereigh Jack Russells for our little Tinkerbelle. She’s the love of our life, full of spirit, love and such a sweet little girl. She’s the smartest Jack Russell. Easy to potty train and knew her name within days. She understands everything. It’s amazing to us how advanced she is for such a young age. We love her so much and can’t thank you enough. We will be back for a second puppy!”

Linda & Mike

“Milo and his buddies at doggy daycare. He is so well behaved.”

Maggie C.

“This little boy is a well-behaved puppy, loves to play around in the yard and also to sit next to me while I make music. His intelligence and creativity is something that never ceases to amaze me, along with his speed and strength. I really like his tricolor fur, and I’m sure that we’ll be partners for life!”

Jim Rice

“Ollie is supremely athletic, intelligent, quirky, curious and loving.  In short, he’s all that you want and expect in a Jack Russell Terrier.  The fact that he’s drop-dead gorgeous doesn’t hurt, either.  We are over the moon in love with him.”

Ben & Cindy

“I wanted to contact you to let you know how pleased we are with our MacKenzie. After losing our Bullseye we thought nothing would take the pain away. Well, MacKenzie has. She has been a marvel at making us smile. She loves the dog park, and seems to be a good ambassador for all dogs. She can get the crankiest dog playing and having fun. When she not doing that she is playing with her ninja kitty. I did an iMovie of her first year. I have attached it. For year #2 she is going on a barn hunt and is starting lure training. I have learned a tired Jack is a good Jack. Ninja kitty agrees.”

Christine G.

“We bought our beautiful Jack Russell Terrier from you in December 2020. I wanted to reach out to you just to thank you. Rebecca, your Jacks pedigree are the definition of the JRT. Our boy, Beowulf father: Arthur and mother Flame is an absolute delight he has truly blessed my husband and I. He is full of adventure and curiosity and we constantly receive compliments for his temperament and beautiful markings. These last 2 years have brought my husband and I so much joy and we cannot imagine life without our Beowulf.”

Marielle B.

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