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Jack Russell Terrier Litters Due

Here you can find our current and upcoming Jack Russell Terrier litters and get information to find your best fit!

Be prepared for an enthusiastic and friendly addition to your household! Besides showering love on your new family member, you need to create a healthy environment for the puppy to develop in, storing a few things away and purchasing the right kind of food, toys, and dedicating a vast amount of time during which they can spend their energy.

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Please review carefully our 10 Step application form to apply. 

If you meet our qualifications and decide you want a puppy a $350 non-refundable deposit is required to guarantee you will be able to select 1 of our available puppies.

Jack Russell Terrier Litters
Health Guarantee

At Castlereigh Jack Russell Terriers, we guarantee that the puppy is purebred and registerable or recordable with the following registry: Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, or JRTCA.

The puppies’ parents have been cleared of the following diseases, so the litters won't have them :

Certified Negative PLL

Primary Lens Luxation

Certified Negative DM

Degenerative Myelopathy

Certified Negative SCA

Canine Spinocerebellar Ataxia

All our breeding dogs are registered with the JRTCA :
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Please call for availability of all puppies!

First Time Owner?

When a Jack Russell Terrier becomes part of your life, it turns into an adventure, but if you’re a first-time owner, it can also be a little bit tricky.

Don’t worry!

That’s why I came up with some tips that could be useful for you. Read the Common Questions About Jack Russell Terriers here:


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